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Core Values (BRAVE)
A principle, standard or quality considered worthwhile or desirable.

• Believe. I have a healthy self-image and I believe that I am significant and perfectly capable of discovering and realising my potential.
• Respect. I respect myself and others. This means that I am well mannered, greeting all with whom I come into contact. I am polite, courteous and respectful.
• Ability. My ability is based on my desire to discover and realise my potential. I know that the discovery of my purpose comes with a diligent search that will be rewarded.
• Victory. Everything that I put my hand to, prospers. Everything that I do has a purpose. I am not given over to random activity.
• Endurance. I understand that I am in the process and at the right time, my potential will be realised as circumstances begin to make a demand on my potential. Patience is the order of the day but I am not complacent or tardy in pursuing my dreams.